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Your Next Steps at 博天堂官方

The information on this page applies to certificate- and degree-seeking applicants who are not part of the Roadrunner Advantage Program or CTE Signing Day. Contact the First Resort with any questions: or 541-917-4483

1) Apply to 博天堂官方

Submit your application to 博天堂官方. See the Academic Calendar for term start dates and application deadlines.

    • Apply as a degree-seeking student (you must apply as degree-seeking if you want to take more than five credits and/or you would like to use  financial aid).
    • You will hear from the college by email once your application has been processed. It may take up to a week to hear back.

2) Set Up Your My LB Single Sign-On (SSO) Account

My LB Single Sign-On allows you to access orientation,  registration, and more. You can set up My LB SSO as soon as you’ve been accepted to 博天堂官方. You must set it up to complete your next steps and register.

3) Prepare for New Student Orientation

You will receive an email with details on how to access the online New Student Orientation once it is available. For fall term, New Student Orientation opens in June. For all other terms, New Student Orientation opens four to six weeks prior to the start of the term. Check the Academic Calendar for term start dates.

While you wait, there are steps you can take to get things in order:

    • Apply for Financial Aid.
    • Send official transcripts of prior college experience (if applicable) so that we can give you credit for courses you’ve already taken.
    • Examine your interests and your degree and certificate options at 博天堂官方 using Career Coach or by meeting with one of our Career Specialists.
      • If you're interested in some of our Applied Industrial Technology & Transportation, you may want to connect with a program representative to learn more about the expectations and needs for those programs, such as upfront costs, minimum requirements, and opportunities for sponsorship.

4) Complete New Student Orientation

When New Student Orientation has opened, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access it in Moodle. Each step of New Student Orientation must be completed in order. Once you have access, you should complete all the steps as soon as possible as registration appointments and classes begin filling up as time goes on.

What's in New Student Orientation?

Step 1) Learning Modules

  • Learn about college lingo, resources, how to navigate college, and all about degrees and certificates.

Step 2) Placement

  • Complete the placement process, which will match you with your starting math and writing courses. You will have a few different options for determining placement:
    • Option 1: Submit official college transcripts (for placement and for applying previous credits to your LB transcript and degree)
    • Option 2: Submit a score report for a previously completed exam (GED, Smarter Balance, etc.)
    • Option 3: Complete the official 博天堂官方 math and writing placement diagnostics
    • Option 4: Use the self-placement guide to select a starting math and writing course

Step 3) Getting To Know You Questionnaire

  • Share important information that will help your Enrollment Expert prepare for your New Student Registration Appointment and create your Recommended First Term guide. On the Getting To Know You Questionnaire, you will share your:
    • Academic goals and preferred major
    • Math and writing placement information
    • How many credits you’d like to take per term
    • Any other information you would like us to know

Step 4) New Student Registration Appointment

  • Schedule (and attend) an appointment on campus to meet with an Enrollment Expert. During your appointment, you will:
    • Discuss your major choice and first-term preferences
    • Take a campus tour (optional)
    • Register for classes

Step 5) Prepare for the First Day of Classes

  • Be guided through buying textbooks, making changes to your schedule, downloading the Watermark Student app to communicate with your advisor and instructors, and ensuring your financial aid is in order.


5) Access Your Student Email

Once you’re registered for classes, you can access your 博天堂官方 student email account.

    • Every enrolled student has access to a student email account run through Gmail.
    • All important college communications will go to this address.
    • See instructions here: 博天堂官方 Student Email FAQ.

6) Attend Welcome Day and Your First Year Seminar

In the fall, we welcome new students during “Week 0” with Welcome Day. This allows new Roadrunners to get familiar with the campus and one another before continuing students return to campus. Welcome Day is held on the Wednesday before the start of fall term. On Welcome Day, you will:

Note: In all other terms, students will attend their first day of First Year Seminar during their regularly scheduled class time in week 1.